7 thoughts on “Skylanders 4 Could Be Karting Game?

  1. Wow! A Skylanders karting game would be amazing. With the last Skylanders release I decided to abandon our Wii and go with an xbox 360. We love it, but the one game we really miss is Mariokart. I think Skylanders version (4 player PLEASE) would make us forget all about it.

    1. Four player would be great. But do you think that needs split screen? Maybe online play?

    2. I like skyladers as well but I don’t want the next game to be a raceing game we have to many of them aready. I would like the next game to be a open world

  2. Interesting speculation. I think a kart racing game would be a difficult step. Not many companies do it well, and they’ll be up against the new Mario Kart (though that’s just on one system). I agree in that I’d like to see more RPG elements or depth to the customization of characters. Also, they could go for a more open-world approach. That would be a nice shift from just tackling levels in order. Hopefully they keep putting little side bits as well, like card games and battle arenas.

    I wonder what influence Disney Infinity (world building) or the Skylanders apps (world building, strategy/tactics) will have? I hope they at least have another core game, but I’d be open to side games that use the figures but don’t require unique purchases, much like the apps (kart racing could fit here). I also wouldn’t mind if they skipped a “gimmick” for this round. We like the Giants and they have some advantages in game, but honestly, the Swap Force have been a disappointment. The side mini-games aren’t all that great, and both my son and I usually end up using core Skylanders for most of any level.

    And one final, fun idea. How about a new app game, just for fun. A tower defense game where I get to be the bad guys defending against Skylander attacks. Each Skylander code could unlock new levels and challenges.

    1. Have you seen Angry Birds Go! karting, that is much better than I expected. Perhaps Skylanders will go a similar route? In depth RPG would also get my vote too.
      I’m sure that Infinity must feature in their planning, both what exists already as well as what they may have coming up. This is the first Skylanders release after Disney have showed their hand. The gloves may well come off.
      I like the app idea, I’d like to see the app integrated into the main console game. Perhaps some kind of Street Pass style element when you are out and about that would then grant upgrades back in the console game.

  3. I’m really hoping for an online service that will let kids design their own Skylanders figure and then have it printed and shipped to their house. It would work similar to the My Robot Nation (http://www.wired.com/geekdad/2012/06/my-robot-nation/). Of course, the game disc would have to include the 3D files for every head, chest, legs, weapon, etc… but that wouldn’t be too difficult I imagine. Another option would be to sell both the printed figure AND a file that could be downloaded or stored on a memory card that would allow the character to be inserted into the game.

    1. Great idea. They could release a Skylanders Portal API that could be used for both hobbiests and in in schools. I like your thinking.

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