Keep Your Resolve With the Jedi Workout

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Today, so the Internet tells us, is Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day, so named because January 17th is the most common day for people to give up on their New Year’s Resolutions.

I couldn’t find any real data (scientific or otherwise) to back this claim up, but in case your own resolve to stay fit in 2014 is starting to waver, get yourself motivated and in lightsaber-wielding form with the Jedi Workout from fitness coach Neila Rey.

Neila Rey's Jedi Workout: 9 Bodyweight Exercises

Rey’s workout incorporates a series of nine no-equipment, bodyweight exercises into a high intensity interval training (HIIT) routine, a fitness technique that has been shown to have health benefits. So before you decide to totally ditch your 2014 fitness resolution, give the Jedi Workout a shot.

If working out like a Jedi isn’t your thing, there are many other great workouts to choose from at Rey’s site, like the Hunger Games Tribute workout, the Wolverine workout, or the Batman workout. And if the idea of interval training has you running to the dark side, you can always try Star Wars Yoga.

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