GeekDad Puzzle of the Week – Disemvoweled Bacon

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baconbacon715Eating some delicious bacon over the weekend, the movie “X-Men: First Class” (starring one Kevin Bacon) came on the television. Looking from bacon to Bacon and back again, I knew that there was a GeekDad Puzzle of the Week in here somewhere…

Below, please find a list of 12 movies that have featured the prolific Kevin Bacon and the name of one of his co-stars within each film. To make things interesting, I have disemvoweled each entry, and have placed the letters of each word in alphabetical order. For example, “X-Men: First Class with January Jones” becomes “mnx frst clss htw jnry jns”

  1. cdllrvw htw kry cdgksw
  2. cmsty rrv htw clnr bfhnrs
  3. dfry ht hhnrttt htw dnnr gkn
  4. frst nnx htw fknr gllln
  5. frty cd htw nrs bn
  6. h ds hs ds htw bhltz knprs
  7. htw rtw mmrs htw ns nst
  8. llp hnrtt htw mt hkns
  9. lmn hs htw hjn bhls
  10. lnps nrst dn blmst htw hjn cdny
  11. lprss htw dnst ffhmn
  12. mrrst htw chlm grss

As with all GeekDad Puzzles of the week, please submit your entry to GeekDad Central by end of day Friday for a chance at the weekly prize – a $50 ThinkGeek gift Certificate! Good luck, and happy movie title reconstituting!

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