Where to start?

Google Presents: Build LEGO With Chrome

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Where to start?
Image from the Lego Google+ page.

Lego and Google have really outdone themselves. Yesterday, Google announced its new project in partnership with Lego: Build With Chrome.

With this new program, run through a Google Maps-style browser interface, creators from all over the world can build whatever they want—wherever they want. Want to put up a minimalist representation of the Great Wall? Get started now! Famous locations are getting snapped up by users all over the world, looking to leave their mark in this new Lego themed world.

Lego Academy is an educational tool built in to Build with Chrome.
Lego Academy is an educational tool built in to Build With Chrome.

Provided with familiar tools for navigation and a Lego Academy for instruction, Lego enthusiasts can help populate this new world with any number of features, buildings, or landscapes. Some people take the time to tag their own address with something simple, such as “Hi.” These pieces are categorized as 2D, allowing people to look at them from the top. You can also choose buildings, characters, etc. There are accurate and silly representation of many famous buildings, including several “White House” builds at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20500.

Sadly, there is a distinct lack of variety in brick shapes, meaning this newest project is missing the finesse of Lego Architecture, but through creative use, some interesting things are cropping up for you to look at.

Where/what will you build? The trailer below may help you get started!

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