Holy Overpriced Car, Batman! It’s the Batmobile!


Slip on your spandex and do the Batusi, folks. If you’ve been pining for a replica of the Batmobile, circa 1966, you’re in luck. Gizmodo reports that for the modest sum of $150,000 (you are Bruce Wayne, aren’t you?) you can zoom through your own personal Gotham in this officially-licensed Batmobile.

And the team behind the replica seem like they’re all about the details. From the Fiberglass Freaks website:

It’s more than just a “kit car.” The wheel wells are enclosed with steel tubs. The doors are finished inside and out, and the doors even sound solid when they latch. The rocker panels are attached to the floor pan with steel and fiberglass. When you sit in the car, your head doesn’t hover over the front windshield, and you have plenty of leg room, too. We wet sand the car by hand to remove any surface imperfections in the paint, then we buff and polish the car to an incredible shine.

The car comes with a variety of impressive extras including rocket exhaust flamethrower works, a detect-a-scope, and well, a DVD player and high-end stereo. You know, to watch reruns.

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