Win an OUYA Gaming System for the Holidays!

OUYA Gaming System

Looking for the perfect gift for the Geek who has (almost) everything. Might I suggest a OUYA? This week, GeekDad is giving away a brand new OUYA gaming system to our readers. This scrappy little gaming system has over 500 games, all of which you can try for free. Plug it in, and you’ll be playing in just a few minutes.

Want to win one? There are 2 ways to enter—

Method 1: Tweet the following message:

I want to win a OUYA Gaming System from @GeekDads and @PlayOUYA http://wp.me/p3gQdS-cXy #GeekDadOUYA

and then follow @jasonspeaking so that I can send you a direct message if you win.
Method 2: Add a comment at the bottom of this post mentioning your favorite video game EVER and what you liked about it. You will need to be registered so that we can contact you if you win.
Yes, you can enter both ways to increase your chances of winning. Entries close at 11:59 PM EST Friday night (12/13). Good Luck!

Disclosure: GeekDad received a free OUYA Console to giveaway.

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188 thoughts on “Win an OUYA Gaming System for the Holidays!

  1. My favorite game has to be minecraft, there is so much to do with it as mods come out. Games don’t need to have super awesome graphics but need to be fun to play.

  2. My favorite video game of all time is of course Half Life. The science fiction theme the story I just love everything from that game. And I like the complete saga of course, including Portal and Portal II and I cant wait for that Ep. 3 to come out :D… Someday :p I know it will.

  3. This will date me, but I once played astrosmash on the intellivision for a full day. You had to start it on slow mo mode to make it playable for more than 8 hours. Lol

  4. My favorite game of all time.. That’s hard. I would say it a split between the command and conquer tiberian sun and unreal tournament. Sure the good old super mario and zelda games were very cool too, but tibsun and ut99 are the games that I play till today. I love the atmosphere of the dark tiberium world and the fast combat on deck16][.

  5. my favoryte game ever is… assassins creed 4 ! is the perfec! it has amazing graphics, the story is super good, and super entertaining!
    i whant to win a ouya!!! :DDD

  6. Favorite video game would be a toss-up between the original Mario-Kart (soooo many hours of racing my friends in my childhood) and Final Fantasy VII, not only because of fond memories of playing through it with my future husband, but because it was one of the few stories that has stuck in my incredibly-terrible memory for a number of years.

  7. It definitely has to be Uplink for me. I don’t think I ever had such a rush playing a game as I did while playing that one ages ago.

    And I used to be armed with a pen and paper no less! (Can’t remember all those bank account numbers…)

  8. one of my fav would be TF2. I would aways come back to school and play all the time. I liked the characters, game modes and weapons in the game.

  9. Grand Theft Auto 3. First open world experience. Tearing through the streets, swapping vehicles as you go. A morality free treat.

  10. My favourite game ever is Final Fantasy IX

    I’m a big fan of RPG’s but for me Final Fantasy IX is the perfect adventure, my head completely blew away with the story, the characters, the music, the whole atmosphere it evoked on me, the side-quests, the length of the game, I found it to be a beautiful piece of art which touched emotional fibres on me, that’s something I haven’t be able to find in other games, not even close, even on current generation games, which instead I find them to be bland or devoid of any imagination. This is also the reason why I want an OUYA. To find games which aren’t too loaded graphically but are full with imagination and real artistic work.

    Final Fantasy IX is a game made with imagination, soul and heart, and it blows my mind every time I fire up my PlayStation.

  11. One of my favorite games of all time would have to be Super-Mario 64. As a kid in kindergarten, there was nothing as great as going home on a Friday and buckling down for an hour or more on the N-64 when my brothers were playing outside. My brothers and I played through it and explored the worlds so much that we would only see blue stars for almost months at a time. (We were too proud to erase our save data)

  12. I’ve got to go with Donkey Kong. I loved it as a kid, with all the different levels and challenges, and have been playing it through adulthood, even building a couple of MAME setups to keep playing it.

  13. I can’t pick just one! Sid Meir’s early years were amazing…Masters of Orion and Civilization were the best. These are tied with Sierra early games with the Police Quest and Space Quest series.

  14. My favorite game of all time is Metal Gear from the NES. Some friends and I would rent it and spend hours every night during the weekends trying to beat the game. This was before the internet so we had to map everything out and actually solve the puzzles. I would love it if they made a new one that wasn’t 3d, go back to the third person overhead puzzle game that it was meant to be.

  15. My favorite game of all time is Doom 2. The first Doom is already a stellar game, with its moody atmosphere, visceral weapons, and horrific monsters. Doom 2 expands on this with more monsters, and even more weapons and surreal locations to slaughter them in. There’s a high degree of polish to Doom 2, with straightforward mechanics that are immediately accessible and endlessly satisfying. The first Doom just celebrated its 20th anniversary, and I’m sure the series will be enjoyed well beyond another 20.

  16. This is a hard question to answer indeed. But I think my favorite game of all times is Little Big Planet. I love to come home after work and my wife ask me to play it with her. We bought a PS3 just because this game and it was so much fun to play together. So I will stick with LBP. BTW, marriage is a great game too! 🙂

  17. My favourite recent ‘ish game (1-2 years or so) has to be Kingdoms of Alumar: Reckoning. This game has to be one of the finest role playing games with amazing lore and beautiful landscapes aside the obvious others (Elder scrolls etc..). It’s just an absolute shame the situation they had themselves in where they released it early because of funding as well as other things and consequently released an unfinished/unpolished game :(. I would seriously love to see more of those type of games though.

  18. Firepower for the Amiga. This was my first introduction to multiplayer online play. (use of a 1200bps modems) It was a super fun, but simple, capture the flag/blast your opponent tank game.

  19. My favorite game ever would have to be The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind! It’s the game that got me into gaming! There was just so many things to do, so many special weapons and side quests, and the story was pretty awesome. I loved how you make your own decisions as well. It was the closest thing to a perfect game that I’ve ever played!

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