Make Polyhedral "Gingerbread" Dice for the Holidays

Geek Culture Hacking the Holidays

Roll for … wait, maybe don’t actually roll these dice.

We were tickled pink, red and green, when we saw this post over at about how to geek up your holidays with some edible polyhedral magic.

The post show you how to make a “Gingerbread D20,” more or less step by step, from cutting the cracker “sides” with a ruler to gluing them together. They use melted white chocolate Candy Melts for this, but I bet you could use a confectioner’s sugar and water mortar, too. When I’ve made gingerbread houses, or decorated a cake, I’ve used the Ziploc bag method as well, which lets you make a nice straight line when you’re piping the goo onto the cake or, in this case, the D20.


A true obsessive might insist on baking the gingerbread from scratch, rather than assembling these from store-bought Graham crackers–which, let’s face it, aren’t even gingerbread. (Our pals at ournerdhome concede, on their site, that “Gaming Dice Shaped Graham Cracker Structure” doesn’t have the same ring to it as “Gingerbread Dice. So be it.)

At the end, they suggest you go on to make a D4 and D6, too. What, no D8 or D12?

Just don’t try to toss these. A rolling d20 may gather no moss, or no green slime or black pudding, either. But it will fall apart.

That’s the way the polyhedral cookie crumbles.

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