Worst Jobs in Science

Geek Culture

PopsciPopsciOne of a GeekDad’s main responsibilities is to help guide kids as they mature, cultivating talents and counseling them towards a meaningful career path. With that in mind, it might be worth your while to review Popular Science’s annual “Worst Jobs in Science”. From Orangutan-Pee Collector to Manure Inspectors, this list is full of occupations you’ll want to steer your child away from. And while Volcanologist might seem pretty exciting to a five-year-old (to mine, at least), when you consider the dozens of unpleasant ways you can die doing it, perhaps a desk job doesn’t sound so bad. This list should also encourage study among the eventual job force, for the sheer reason of avoiding these types of jobs. But there are those who won’t prepare for a career – and to paraphrase my grandfather – “Well, the world needs Extremophile Excavators too.”

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