The Gift of Laughter for the Holidays

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I have a very funny family. Growing up, I was always the practical joker or the class clown, and I believe I have done a really good job bestowing this sense of humor to my children. While I was looking for gag gifts for a few of my co-workers, I thought to myself, “why don’t I give gag gifts to my kids?” To them, these aren’t just funny but they are the kind of things they would actually use — and probably drive me up the wall with. Here is a selection of items from Skyrocket Toys, that I think would fit the bill:

The Prank Star Fart Piano

PS Fart PianoWhen I was a kid, I had a Casio keyboard that could record sounds and then use to make “music”. All I did was fart noises and occasionally animal sounds. Why not enjoy those classic times with your own Fart Piano? This 13 key keyboard not only farts, but also makes nearly all the bodily noises that you know and love. Get this and enjoy “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” made with coughs in no time!



The Prank Star Fart Modulator

PS Fart ModulatorThis sound toy has a Wii nunchuck-like attachment that acts as a whammy bar for fart sounds. After selecting the “grade” of fart you would like, let one rip and then use the joystick to alter the level and tone of the sound. This can produce some hilarious effects and the speaker is separate so that it may be placed in a chair or back pocket.



Prank Star Poo-Dough

PS Poo DoughDoes Mr. Hankey visit your home at Christmas time? Stop letting your kids waste time with brown play dough to make their fake feces and get them some Poo-Dough! Looks like the real stuff but odorless. This Prank Star kit comes with a tub of the uniquely colored stuff and a mold for making your own. Guaranteed to get a reaction from friends, neighbors and employees.



The Marked Deck by Prank Star

IMG_1341Do card tricks that dazzle your friends and tech your kids how to win every card game. This deck of marked cards look remarkably just like regular Bicycle brand playing cards, but with a secret that the owner would only notice. Fun for kids, but use at your own discretion with friends or poker buddies…

All these gifts are suitable for children ages 3 and up, but your child’s mileage may vary.

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