Introducing the TED2014 Fellows!

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On the off chance you haven’t heard of TED or the TED Talks, it is a non-profit dedicated to spreading ideas. These ideas are presented as talks by a person, sometimes famous, often not, who is passionate about an idea. It is this sharing of ideas that can connect like-minded people and change the world.

One of the things that TED does every year is select about 20 Fellows and 10 Senior Fellows to join their community. This year they chose 21 Fellows to join them in Vancouver, Canada for TED2014. These 21 very interesting people hail from all around the world and include a wide range of professions and passions. The group ranges from artist to engineer with plenty who classify as both. Each person brings an idea, a passion, and a willingness to share it.

You can read much more about the TED2014 Fellows on their site, and if you’re near Vancouver in March, it might be worth trying to see some of these people speak. I may just have to burn some airline miles and make the trip.

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