A MOSS Robot

Kickstarter Alert: MOSS Dynamic Robot Construction Kit

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A MOSS Robot
A MOSS Robot (Image: Modular Robotics)

I love good robotics and electronics Kickstarter projects. I recently had the MOSS Dynamic Robot Construction Kit come along my desk, and I have to say I am impressed by what I see.

MOSS comes to us from Modular Robotics, the same folks who brought us Cubelets. Headquartered out of Boulder, CO, Modular Robotics has a goal of making robot development for education easy and accessible. The MOSS kits are the next evolution from the Cubelets. The use of powerful neodymium magnets and steel spheres enables a variety of connection styles, and configuring and re-configuring robot designs is quick and easy. With an array of sensor and actuator options, the robots can work autonomously or via a Bluetooth remote control module.

Go and check out the MOSS Kickstarter page, and be sure to watch the video. It is a great pitch for what looks like a very cool project. A great endorsement in the video, to me, is the excitement  of Nathan Seidle, CEO and founder of one of my favorite companies out there, Sparkfun Electronics.

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