Just Announced — Pandemic: The Cure, Spreading to Your City in 2014

Tabletop Games


Pandemic is one of those games that we love to hate. The cooperative game based on stopping plagues before they destroy humanity can be tough to beat and stressful. As diseases reach outbreak levels across the globe, players fret about what to do next, while still having a fun time. Saving the world is a tough nut to crack.

Global salvation may or may not be an easier task when Pandemic: The Cure arrives in the latter half of 2014. The game is promised to setup in a minute and take less than 30 to play and will be a dice-based adventure. The dice will dictate actions and, this time around, there will be only six population centers to defend. Those familiar with the game will recognize the roles, which sound very similar to the original game.

No word on whether Pandemic: The Cure will be any easier than its big brother, but it will be available to play at BoardGameGeek.Con next week and we’ll learn more about it afterwards. What’s more, the release is a long way off, but look at that awesome packaging!


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