Send Us Your Favorite Holiday Brews and Libations for the GeekDad Roundup

Geek Culture Hacking the Holidays
A good holiday brew!
A good holiday brew!

We are looking for your help! The GeekDads are putting together a big list of everyone’s favorite holiday brews and libations again. We’d like all of you to share your favorite special holiday beers from your local breweries, or any other special holiday libations that may be special to your families or regions. They can be amything from a pumpkin ale or a winter lager to a special spiced cider, or last year’s special discovery: boilo! In the comments below, tell us about them, share any links, and why they’re special to you. If we can, we’ll add them to a great big gallery that we’ll post in the next couple weeks. Happy Holidays!

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5 thoughts on “Send Us Your Favorite Holiday Brews and Libations for the GeekDad Roundup

  1. Full Sail out of Hood River, Oregon puts out a couple of my favorites. I look forward to their Wassail and Wreck the Halls every year. The Oregon Holiday Ale festival in downtown Portland is right around the corner, too, and they just announced the preliminary list of beers that will be at the event.

  2. For the last two seasons I have been really enjoying Celebration Ale by Sierra Nevada. I find there are flavor nuances in seasonal brews from year-to-year, so I hope it’s as stellar this year as it has been previously.

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