As If Nathan Fillion Needed More Geek Cred…

Geek Culture

Nathan Fillion, who played the lead in Firefly, the voice of Green Lantern, and currently starring in ABC’s Castle, will once again become a comic book character.

He was first preserved on paper as Mal from Firefly in the graphic novel Serenity: Those Left Behind. Now the series of ghost-written mysteries supposedly written by his character on Castle, Richard Castle, is being made into a comic book.

The full preview can be seen over at Mulholland Books. I read the first of the Castle mysteries, Heat Wave, and was not impressed. It had many of the plot flaws of the television show without the saving grace of the chemistry between the two lead actors.

But Deadly Storm is written by Brian Michael Bendis, Marvel Comics’ most prominent writer, and Kelly Sue DeConnick, another fine writer from Marvel, and the artwork by Lan Medina look fabulous, so I have high hopes for this one.

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