Watch This: People Making Cool Things

Geek Culture Videos

I love watching people make art, seeing the process and watching raw materials transformed into something beautiful. Here are three videos that friends shared with me over the past week that I enjoyed watching.

Dan Reeder creates amazing paper mache creatures, which can be seen at his Gourmet Paper Mache website. This time-lapse video of creating a dragon trophy is astounding.

As seen on Colossal, Francisco Lopez Serrano creates a horse sculpture from molten glass, using large tweezers and an expertise born of practice. This one is not time-lapse, and I was surprised at how the horse took shape so quickly with just a few pulls and twists.

Watching a pottery wheel is always mesmerizing. Here, some Korean pottery artists are seen throwing pots, carving intricate patterns, and creating beautiful inlaid images.

What have you seen lately that inspires you?

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