With Fading Memory, Terry Pratchett Revisits Carpet People



Sir Terry Pratchett gave a great interview on NPR yesterday. Despite being diagnosed with a rare form of Alzheimer’s that has taken his ability to read, Pratchett continues to write with the aid of dictation software. I find great encouragement and motivation in his responses. Check it out on NPR: With Fading Memory, Terry Pratchett Revisits The Carpet People

The new version of his book, The Carpet Book will be released tomorrow. It is available on Amazon for preorder now at $10 for the Kindle version. This isn’t the first time Pratchett has revisited the story. If you look around you’ll find a revised edition form 1992. Enough had transpired in the time that the author’s notes quipped that this book has 2 authors, and they are both the same person. I imagine now that the final revision has three authors. It will be interesting to revisit this story and see the evolution of his writing style.

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