Discover Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide … of the FUTURE

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Discover Gift Guide 2033If you’re thinking about gift ideas for this year, I wanted to bring to your attention the current issue of Discover Magazine. Like many publications, their December issue (on newsstands now) has a holiday gift guide in it. Unlike most, however, these aren’t gifts you’ll find in stores this year. You’ll have to wait about another twenty years.

The Discover 2033 Holiday Gift Guide (link for subscribers only) includes such things as the Dial-a-De-Extinction Kit which lets you breed your own extinct animal (I recommend the extended warranty that covers capture and transport in case things go Jurassic Park on you) or the Perfect Imperfection Home Garden with genetically modified crops specifically designed to have imperfect shapes for that “homey, rustic touch.”

Discover gift guide
The gift guide of the future.
Image provided by Discover

It’s sci-fi, but (according to Associate Editor Gemma Tarlach) more sci than fi. These seemingly outlandish products are based on extrapolations of current tech trends—I mean, imagine what somebody from 1993 would’ve thought of Google Glass.

Of course, the gift guide is just one portion of the magazine—as usual, there are plenty of other fun and fascinating articles about science. My favorites are probably the one about how we can scientifically test whether we’re all in the Matrix, and a biological examination of Smaug.

Gift Guide Discover
How about a solar-powered heated wetsuit? Or a stick-on smartphone? Image: Discover


You can pick up the latest issue at newsstands now. Of course, if you’re looking for gifts for your loved ones for this year, you can always check out our GeekDad gift guides!

Disclosure: Discover Magazine provided a copy of the magazine for review purposes.

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