Take Back Halloween!

Take Back Halloween

My three daughters are still pretty young and the two older ones like coming up with their own costume ideas. Last year, we had a vampire angel and a banana with a mustache. We’ve used a combination of store-bought and homemade costumes over the past few years, and for the most part I haven’t had to worry about inappropriately sexy costumes. (There was this cat costume we got as a gift which had a bizarre cleavage peekaboo window … for a four-year-old.)

But it’s definitely an issue. Costumes for women and even young girls seem to require “sexy” in the title. I hadn’t even realized the extent of it until I saw this Daily Show clip with Jon Stewart and Kristen Schaal discussing the trend of costumes for women. (Warning: mildly NSFW and something you want to preview before showing your kids.) Really? Sexy pizza?

So that’s why I’m backing Take Back Halloween, a Kickstarter project by Suzanne Scoggins. She runs a website which sells gives tips for costumes of powerful and interesting women from history and fiction, like artist Frida Kahlo or the Chinese pirate Madame Ching. The Kickstarter project was to raise funds for six new costumes, but since Scoggins has exceeded the initial goal amount she has increased that number with stretch goals. Rewards mostly include art prints, though for $500 you can commission a costume of your choice to be included in the store.

It’s a bit late to be shopping for Halloween costumes today, of course, but the site is open year-round, so if you’re ever looking for an alternative to dressing up as sexy food, check out the Take Back Halloween site.

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