TableTop Gets Spooky with Betrayal at House on the Hill

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It’s nearly that time of year when ghosts and goblins and spooks of all kinds make their way from door to door, so what better game to celebrate the upcoming All Hallow’s Eve than Betrayal at House on the Hill? This scary and suspenseful exploration game is a tabletop adventure with lots of atmosphere, featuring adventurers who explore a haunted mansion, building their characters before one of them betrays the party and strange events occur. It’s also the choice for this week’s new episode of TableTop.

Host Wil Wheaton and friends Ashly Burch, Michael Swaim, and Keahu Kahuanui play in this, the first of two episodes exploring the house on the hill. (Part two will be shown next Thursday.) The four have a great dynamic, really getting into character. For example, Michael plays the role of Father Rhinehardt, complete with a German accent and more than just a little righteousness.

The TableTop art staff really outdid thmeselves on this episode, making better character cards, which are so improved, you’ll be dying to get a set. And, like all episodes this season, the production has really stepped up. Game instructions, player progress, and other explanations flow seamlessly throughout the episode. The game moves quickly, everyone has a good time, until the end of the episode when a haunt happens and the traitor is revealed. Can you guess who it is?

Part two of the Betrayal at House on the Hill episode will air next week, on October 24, followed by a special episode of Not the Flog on October 31, where Wil will talk about his favorite spooky-themed games. TableTop‘s next new game will be on November 14, when the outstanding Antoine Bauza game, Takenoko will bring bamboo and a hungry panda to the TableTop felt. Until then, explore carefully, TableTop viewers — you don’t know what lurks in the dark corners and abandoned rooms of Betrayal at House on the Hill!

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  1. AWESOME. Adding this game to the ever-expanding list. Reminds me a little but of Arkham Horror, but without all the demons and basically impossible win conditions 🙂

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