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Lots of us like to experiment in the kitchen. Not only is it a fun way to try new things, but it also gives us an excuse to try out new kitchen gadgets. My kids love Eggs Benedict, so we’re no stranger to poached eggs. However, without an egg poacher, it can be a bit of a trick. Everyone has their own method, but I use a trusty 1-minute microwave method. I fill a coffee cup half full with water and crack an egg into it. Nuke it for one minute and I have a pretty decent poached egg — not perfect, but close. Still, I’m always looking to improve.

I recently had the chance to try Perfect Poach from Tovolo. The company claims the Perfect Poach will deliver “a perfect, delicious poached egg every time”. Perfect? Every time? I had to give it a try. The Perfect Poach comes in a pack of 20 pouches, with instructions on the back of the package. The pouches are similar to a coffee filter and are recyclable, biodegradable and non-stick.

To achieve this perfect poached egg, I simply filled a saucepan 3/4 full with water and waited for it to boil. As it started to bubble, I put one Perfect Poach pouch in my trusty coffee mug, and cracked an egg into it. Then, I carefully lowered the pouch into the boil. After just four minutes (a minute or two longer if you don’t like runny yolk), the egg was ready and I removed the pouch with a pair of tongs.

The pouch held a bit of water, so I drained it over the pan before carefully sliding my egg from the pouch. It was gorgeous — like call the Food Network and have them do a photo shoot good. Plus, it tasted great. It really was a Perfect Poach. So, like any good experiment, it was time to see if I could duplicate it … and I was able to. Success!

The Perfect Poach comes in a flat package which makes it handy to store right next to your small saucepan. The only downside is that the pouches are single use only, but at $5.00 for 20, the price is not too high. Perfect Poach can be found at a variety of department and specialty stores. Use their store finder to find a store near you.


Disclosure: GeekDad was sent a sample of this product for review.

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  1. I just use paper coffee filters. Much cheaper. And the cone shape? Hardly noticeable when I enjoy my perfectly poached egg…

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