SparkFun Puts D&D Dice Up Your Sleeve

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D&D Gauntlet Tutorial ImageD&D Gauntlet Tutorial Image

The Gauntlet (Image: SparkFun Electronics

The folks over at SparkFun Electronics have a post up detailing a recent creation from their e-textiles sage Dia. A LilyPad Arduino-powered Dungeons and Dragons dice gauntlet. The gauntlet allows you to select the type of roll you want to make via a series of switches and displays the result on a 4-digit 7-segment display. The gauntlet uses an accelerometer to respond to arm movements for the actual roll.

Dia calls this an intermediate level LilyPad tutorial but if you are interested in trying out e-textiles and have Blink down pat, this might be a good place for that next step inspiration. I know my local GeekMom and I have discussed working on such projects together — it’s a good opportunity for me to start learning how to sew! Check it out!

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