Celebrate a Mathematical Halloween with Adventure Time and Regular Show

Modeling his new Jake Hat while showing off the Jake the Dad DVD. Photo: Patricia Vollmer.
My youngest son modeling his new Jake Hat while showing off the Jake the Dad DVD. Photo: Patricia Vollmer.

Are you in need of a last minute Halloween idea? Look no further than your favorite entertainment retailer for Cartoon Network’s latest DVD offerings: Adventure Time: Jake the Dad and Regular Show: Fright Pack.

We love that the Adventure Time: Jake the Dad DVD came with a free Jake hat, which is the perfect accompaniment to the ever-popular Finn hat that you can get just about anywhere, such as the Adventure Time: Jake vs. Me-Mow DVD. Pick it up for a quick and easy Halloween costume!

Even though the DVD is subtitled Jake the Dad, that’s merely the first of 16 episodes along with several bonus features.

Photo: Patricia Vollmer.
Photo: Patricia Vollmer.

My youngest son in particular enjoys Adventure Time. He not only likes the television series, but he has also read several of the comic books and graphic novels available. He has even been drawing stories of Finn and Jake of his own (his latest is about a magic burrito). My favorite part? I absolutely love the closing credits song…stick around and listen to it.

Kudos to Adventure Time for their imaginative characters and stories, and for their prompting of my son’s imagination.

Photo: Patricia Vollmer.
Photo: Patricia Vollmer.

Both of my sons are fans of Cartoon Network’s Regular Show. I admittedly will sit down and watch episodes alongside them. I think it’s because Mark Hamill is one of the voices. And I love all things Mark Hamill. I am also a fan of the Mordecai and Margaret plot.

The Regular Show: Fright Pack DVD includes all of the Regular Show Halloween episodes along with many more for a total of 15 episodes to enjoy. In addition there’s a Villains Gallery to browse.

Adventure Time: Jake the Dad retails for $24.98 and Regular Show: Fright Pack retails for $19.82. Both DVDs are available now through television and movie sales outlets, such as Target and Amazon.

GeekMom received both of these items for review purposes.

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