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Unboxing the Nintendo 2DS

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Last night I received an unexpected surprise from my friends at Nintendo of America: one of their soon-to-be-released 2DS systems. I haven’t exactly had enough play time to give the handheld a full and proper review, but here are some unboxing images of the 2DS and its new special carrying case.

Review and promotional materials provided by: Nintendo of America 

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16 thoughts on “Unboxing the Nintendo 2DS

  1. Looks great to me. I like the lack of hinge because we have had 2 of the original DS crack at the hinge with my young kids tugging at them. This is a lot more practical even if it does hark back to the designs of 80’s LCD gaming gear. 🙂

    1. Thus far I’ve been really impressed with the build quality and layout. Face buttons, d-pad and triggers are well positioned and snappy. Bigger stylus and hinged SD slot are excellent additions. Offset power input/game cart slot was kind of a weird decision, but both are properly functional. Circle pad feels a tad far away, though.

    1. I haven’t had hinge issues with any DS/DSi/3DS/3DS XL since my original white DS Lite cracked, but I understand folks’ hesitance to pick up another clam shell after that initial defect.

    1. You can turn off 3D on the 3DS. But yes, you can get this $50 cheaper than the 3DS.

      I’m not a fan of 3D in general, but when I was playing with a 3DS at a Nintendo event, I actually quite liked the 3D effect for Ocarina of Time.

      1. The 3D effect adds some great depth to a vast number of titles, but I’d be hard pressed to name a game in which that function is a necessity.

  2. First impressions: how would you compare it to a 3DS? I’m looking to get either this or a 3DS for Pokemon X, and I’m leaning more towards the 2DS. Without having given it too much time, how are things like the screen brightness and feel? It’s always those first impressions that count, haha!

    1. Both screens look great–definitely on par with the original 3DS. I was a little worried about the Sleep slider, but it works nigh instantaneously. The overall feel of the system is good–nice snappy button and triggers–though I have had to retrain my grip a bit. If I hold it low, like my old 3DS, the Circle Pad feels a tad too far away. However, if I choke up my grip–move it further up the system body and rest my index fingers below (rather than always on them)–it feels much more natural.

      1. Thanks for the info, I appreciate the response!
        So, it seems like it would be a good fit for me then, I’m not bothered by the loss of 3D, I can’t really see it anyway, the only thing that bothered me were the ergonomics, it definitely looks nice, but I don’t want it to feel like it will fall out of my hands and break or something, haha.

  3. Would it make sense to get the Nintendo 2DS if you aren’t a younger kid or want an upgraded handheld system? I only have a DS Lite, and I’m almost 15, so I worry it may not appeal to me as it would to little kids.

    1. The 2DS is aimed at youngsters who perhaps shouldn’t be playing games in full 3D, sure, but it’s also aimed at older gamers simply looking for an inexpensive entry into this generation of handheld gaming. With the exception of 3D visuals, the 2DS offers an identical gaming experience to that of the proper 3DS. Plus, because of its longer, flatter form factor, it travels well. I’ve actually got my 2DS with me in my work bag right now.

  4. Sounds great I bought a vita in Japan about 4 months ago and have been kinda let down, while my kids rocking are Zelda and Harvest moon on his 3DS. Plus all the old favs on the eshop.

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