Glow in the Dark Robot T-Shirt

Squeeze This! A Glow-in-the-Dark Robot T-Shirt

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When my daughter was in first grade, she fell in love with Squeeze, a fantastic T-shirt featuring a giant robot powering up with a few jolts of electricity courtesy of an overhead storm cloud. And, if it wasn’t already cool enough, it glowed in the dark.

Glow in the Dark Robot T-Shirt
Image courtesy of Woot!

For about six months, this was her go-to T-shirt, then she grew (as these kids tend to do) and it no longer fit. It was a sad day.

But today is a happy day, because, Squeeze, along with 14 other classic Shirt.Woot designs (including The Formula for Success and That’s No Moon) are being offered again as part of this week’s Specialty Inks Woot! Plus.

All of these featured T-shirt designs are available in a wide range of sizes for $15 (with free shipping!) through 12:00 AM CST on September 9 — unless they sell out sooner — so don’t wait too long.

And if you need to bolster your robot T-shirt collection even more, Squeeze artist Robbie Lee has created many other robot-themed T-shirt designs (along with the occasional ninja) to choose from.

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