Browncoats Unite! – Help Name the New Space Station Module “Serenity”

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NASA needs your help! They are looking to name the newest section of the International Space Station, Node 3, which is scheduled to be delivered by the Space Shuttle Endeavor in late 2009.

Votes are being taken at NASA is asking that the new name follow in the tradition set by the names given to Node 1, called "Unity," and Node 2, the "Harmony" module. Voting will continue until March 20 and the winning name will be announced in April.

There are four names to choose from on the right side of the screen. The front runner, as of this posting, is my personal favorite, "Serenity." There is also a place to suggest names of your own. One of the top suggested names is "Vista" (true), but I hear that it is being changed to Windows 7 (A gross exaggeration on the part of the author. Bad author!)

Node 3 consists of a connecting module and cupola. For those of you savages who have never taken an architecture class, or who rarely watch home improvement shows, a cupola is a small dome-like structure, usually on the top of a building, which is meant to let in light. This cupola will offer fantastic views of the Earth and will house a control area for the station’s robotic arm. And ironically, it is made up of seven windows. (See bad joke above.)

Along with the new, kick-butt viewing area, Node 3 will house many of the environmental systems, which will be transferred from other parts of the Station. They include an Oxygen Generation System, an Atmosphere Revitalization System,  a crew shower, and that machine which supposedly turns Astronaut pee into delicious spring water. Mmmm… recycled urine!

Fight the good fight for Browncoats everywhere! Vote now. Vote often.

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