The Hardest Level of Candy Crush

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Screenshot of Candy Crush
Screenshot of Candy Crush

The geek in me can’t just play Candy Crush. Instead of merely wasting my evening, lining up pieces of brightly colored candy on the iPad, I also spend an inordinate amount of time thinking through the construction of the different levels. What makes a level frustrating vs. challenging? Which is more dreaded: multiplying chocolate pieces or multi-layered jellies? I threw these questions out there to the vast Internet, trying to figure out what was the hardest level of Candy Crush.

Could we collectively create a grading system that could give players a heads up on the difficulty before they approach the board, much in the same way golf course holes tell the player the par? If a person knew that a level was going to be difficult, would they approach it in a different way than if they thought it was easy?

Eighteen percent of people answered that 65 was the most difficult level. Sure, there were other levels that were on the most dreaded list, but 65 bubbled up to the top as the most dreaded board. Which makes sense since it brings together many of the most frustrating elements: licorice, chocolate, and jellies. Other least favorite levels included 33, 70, 79, 97, 125, 147, 165, 252, and 410.

In terms of types of board, three challenges held the most frustration. Twenty-eight percent of people dislike the timed levels, stating that they make them too tense to enjoy the game. Twenty-six percent of people dislike bringing down the ingredients because sometimes it takes too long for the ingredients to make an appearance on the screen. And 18% of people dislike the ones that have the player clear the jelly because it’s redundant and often takes luck (rather than skill) to clear.

Even knowing that the game often makes me want to chuck the iPad against the wall, I’ve been encouraging my twins to play. When they pass a board, they feel great. But even when they don’t pass a board, it gives us an opportunity to apply ideas from school to this fairly bland game. Think of Candy Crush as the equivalent to gaming tofu: it takes on the flavor of whatever you need it to be.

I mean, for adults, it can be anything from a time-waster in line to a relax-before-bed ritual to a half-listening-in-a-meeting distraction. And for kids, we’ve used it to explain everything from essay writing techniques (lining up the three supports in order to create a cascade effect of ideas!) to order of operations. Truly, nothing drives home the point that everything from problem solving to programming requires a structured approach than handing them a board with multiplying chocolates, candy bombs, and jellies to clear and asking them in what order they’ll tackle the problem to solve it. They learn quickly that order really does matter, and going out of order brings about unintended results.

One annoying game: so many uses.

The boards worth playing — not the ones above that annoy the hell out of people because they rely more on luck than anything else — are the ones that require actual strategy. That bend the mind as you work to line up those candies. Because yes, it may come across as a frivolous game when you see the guy sitting next to you on the Metro spend a half hour sliding around colored pictures of candy. But don’t be fooled by the carnival music and falling candy clicks like bubble wrap popping: you can get hours of mind-stretching, strategy-building fun out of a single, well-constructed board.

The sort that make you smile with relief when the screen lights up with Sugar Crush.

Fess up: are you playing Candy Crush, and what has been your hardest board?

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186 thoughts on “The Hardest Level of Candy Crush

  1. I am on level 490 and to me the hardest level was 417..i crossed it but I know it was just luck…it was almost impossible for me to do it…

  2. 410 should be played through facebook. It’s actually a completely different board on facebook. There are several levels that if you don’t get on your phone you should try on facebook. The programming is different and sometimes it is easier to pass on there. Sometimes the opposite is true as well.

  3. I ve been on level 1. For 3 months. Been playing it over 3 hours a day. Help. What’s trick ????

  4. Levels 347 and 350 are deadly, my worst yet. Currently playing for under 3months and im @362 as we speak. Started in October, 2013.

    1. Me too, but I am glad they updated and made level easier with icing that needs just 3 hits for breaking instead of 5 and adding a new coconut wheel on the left side of the board. The previous one was impossible for a lot of expert players.
      Though I am still stuck but I know I can pass it now, you will too 🙂

  5. I’m not sure if this is covered up above, but… what level is that screen grab from? I’ve never seen or heard of a wrapped colour bomb!

  6. I’ve been stuck on level 125 for what feels like ages…it at first looks deceivingly easy since you have all those moves …but that licorice is a pain that can waste good moves!

  7. Just venting- it took me 12 days to get past level 65 so when I reached 147 that was like my evil 65 again but with bombs – 147 is hateful! I thot well maybe it would take twice as long to pass it- sure enough in 24 days I did it! Now playing Odus in Dream world which is fun while waiting for quests! At least this new King game is not causing blood pressure spikes but is a candy crush addition and not without challenges! The Odus Owl game option popped up as I passed level 155.

  8. I am stuck on 350 hardest levels for me

    65 (Old version) 97(Now find easy) 147, 165, 169,


    215, 245, 254, 275, 305, 315, HARDEST LEVEL IN GAME? 350. I had 3 jelly with 20 moves left and stupid BOMB EXPLODED!. I got like 5 colour bombs and was so lucky.

    Favourite levels ever: 236, 252. 252 I got 23,573,965 point. And 236 is easy I did in 1 move and still haven’t got DreamWorld

  9. I spent $$ on level 245. Including $3.99 for 15 extra moves and still only got 4 combos. Done with this. I hated to send the money, but I figured to clear this level and move on to a Strategy Level, it’s worth it. This is a snake level, mainly based on chance not so much strategy. I think it’s aimed to get lots $$ from you, I spent $10.95 on it. I deleted Candy Crush from my iPad. Good Bye, Good riddance. Ciao, etc. :o)

  10. Sweetey- I hear ya! Took me 24 days to pass that hateful 147! Drove me berserk! Hang in there. You will make it!

  11. I have to disagree. Candy Crush is the worst kind of game. The levels are randomly generated based on a seed that maps to a given difficult level or levels. In some cases it is impossible to defeat a level – it is completely up to the roll of the “die.” This to me ruins the entire conceit. Why bother with a game that may not even be winnable? If each level were crafted to be beatable, always, with skill, that would be one thing. But Candy Crush is constructed to get you to purchase extras. And this random factor makes it in my mind of questionable ethics. When it says “buy more moves to help you finish the board” it implies you can finish the board. But that may be impossible!

    Finally, I suspect the game is damaging to the intellect in the long term. It is luck more than skill, and the brief bursts of endorphins from clearing a board are akin to constantly checking email: you feel good, but in the long term you may be damaging your concentration.

    My two year old is reading, learning the good ol’ fashioned way.

  12. IN DESPERATE NEED OF HELP!!! I haven’t slept in 7 days now!!!! Can anyone, and I repeat, anyone help me with level 23?!?! I have been stuck forever it seems impossible I’m about to give up on life thanks

    1. I started in September and have completed all 515 levels, just try try again. one solvable table comes eventually. 🙂

  13. I will have to agree with Karl and say that level 23 is the bane of my existence. I’ve beaten candy crush 3 times and every time I dread coming across level 23…. I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown everytime I do. If anyone has any tips on how to beat it with ease, please let me know. I don’t know how much more of it I can take but I just don’t want to give up my love for candy crush because of 1 level. Thanks peace and love

  14. Most annoying set of levels are in the 400s ( 460-475? maybe!) when there are lots of randomly moving whirlwinds that make spaces unavailable for a couple of the moves. There is absolutely no logic or skill to these levels at all. Was stuck on one particular level for a couple of months that had 6 or 8 of them. After that set it is not too bad, and did the last set of levels 501-515 in about half a day last week.

  15. I’ve been stuck (my definition: more than 10 tries) so many times… stuck on 165 now. Damn blue candy.

  16. Level 65 was pretty tough, 125 also but now stuck on 147 and really is impossible. Clearing jellies without the bother of the bombs is hard enough! A real tester in the boredom stakes. Why? Because it is very difficult to play tactically so it is down to luck and luck games I cannot abide.

  17. Ugh – I hate level 165! I used a blue with a speckle ball and many combos but still stuck! Those never ending bombs often stop me right out of the gate because many of my starting boards may have one blue candy and a bomb with no way to difuse it! I went back to playing with Odus in Dream World. Those levels were fun to play and I got thru all of them quickly! At this point I may have to wait for this game to be continued because level 165 is giving me a headache and I will never pay to complete a level!

  18. Once again after posting my failure on 165 I passed it. I only needed one blue but had only one move to do it. Luck put a blue in a Column with two reds with a red stripe and doubting that would work I hit it and blew it out of there! Sailed thru 166 on the first try and I hate timed levels and then reached 167 – ugh! But since it took me 11 days to pass level 165 once I saw the 167 board I found myself going after blue candies and had to debrief! Candy Crush can play with our minds! While 167 will be tough I am just relieved to not have to focus on those blasted blue candies!

  19. 350 is a frickin nightmare… been stuck on it since early December.
    Only upside is you still kind of get your candy crush fix because it’s a 60 move level.

  20. I just finished the final level, 515. I need to stay away if they ever come out with new levels. Although my niece has asked me to help her pass some of the difficult levels.

  21. I just finished level 350! This level is one of the hardest level I have ever faced. Remained 2 jellies 2 times, 1 jelly 3 times with lots of moves remaining but the bomb explodes every time. This time I did it.

  22. Started in July of 2013 (IIRC), and finished 515 this week. (Only up to 76 in dreamworld at the moment, but at least I’m past the dreaded level 70 there).

    I remember 350 being particularly hard. The second Hell’s Cluster (460-470) was also a bear.

  23. I agree with level 417. I can’t stand it. It’s so annoying. Everytime you think you have the fruits lined up to drop you realize you have few plays left. I realize that this game is pure luck……….

  24. I cleared Level 65, then clicked on doing the Quests to advance–I did the first Quest a couple times, didn’t win, then closed C.Crush to go do something – when I opened it again, it had me back on Level 65 ??!! plus I can’t find the Quests anymore. Why should I have to REDO 65 when I already “won” it??? Thank you.

    1. I have accidentally done that- I clicked on the level I just passed instead of the Icon for the quests near it! Hope this helps!

  25. I’m on 529 and I remember 23 and 147 as being my hardest. Though if 421 is the one I think it is, that one was awful for me too.

  26. I have completed level 350. After that 2nd mystery quest is very difficult. It’s same as level 323 but target is very high. Give me some tips.

  27. Hi I just cleared level 350 after one month and I think its the hardest level so for and you just need lots of luck to clear

  28. Chocolate comes first….then the corner licorice X’s and jellies. These are the hardest areas to get to so most of your focus needs to be here. There are a few extra pointers about how to Beat Candy Crush Level 65 that will help you out…as well as a video commentary

  29. Level 350 was the worst for me – stuck there for almost 2 months. Currently stuck on Level 425. How does anyone clear this one unless you’re just extremely lucky???

    1. 425 was crazy—I focused on making the combos and the blocks at the bottom. Try to ignore the tornados and bombs. Eventually, with luck, you will get the combos in enough moves without the bombs or tornados destroying your plans. I finally used the 5 more moves booster when I had only one move left to win. That is the first booster I have ever needed…….

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