Talk Like a Pirate Day: Craft a Quick Pirate!

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Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Whether your little pirate is in need of Tulle or clam diggers, there are plenty of ideas out there for a pirate costume be it last minute or pre-planned.

  • For the craft challenged you can model your young swashbuckler using this guide to no-sew Pirate costuming.

    Image: Sarah Pinault
  • Toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, and empty soda bottles can be turned into a quick spy glass with a bit of black paint or construction paper. Use Masking tape and felt to cover sharp edges if ye be using a soda bottle.
  • Even Martha Steweart gets into the swing of things, and if Martha is your costume icon, then take a look at her MacGuyvered Pirate ensemble.
  • If you have a white T-shirt then you are only a few snips or stripes away from Piracy. Cutting holes around the bottom edge, and roughing up the collar will give you a villainous look instantly. Taking a blue/black sharpie to it and adding stripes will just complete the look.
  • Those big chunky beads that make you feel like Sarah Jessica Parker, can easily make you feel like a pirate when worn with a swashbuckling outfit.
  • A bandanna can be worn around the neck for a quick cowboy change, but as a head scarf to create a blustering Blackbeard.
  • A half circle of black felt along with a piece of ribbon or elastic makes for a quick eye-patch.
  • Make your own Pirate Kitten from The Octonauts.
  • Get hands on with your little ones and follow these how to videos from Cbeebies. They show you how to make a telescope, a treasure map, a beard and a hook hand.
  • Dress up that cuddly friend with these costumes for cuddly toys from Alpha Mom.
  • All you need is a brown paper bag for this quick hat and spy glass.
  • If you aren’t concerned about encouraging weaponry, you can turn last week’s newspaper into a sword. The pen is just as mighty!
  • And don’t forget, a few boxes and strips of fabric can create a pirate ship faster than you can say Long John Silver.
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