Red Leader Standing By… TableTop Plays Star Wars X-Wing Minis

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Perhaps no other movie, book, show, person, or thing has done more to define geek culture than the Star Wars series, which makes this week’s episode of TableTop an excellent choice for YouTube’s Geek Week. This week, Wil and friends Seth Green, Clare Grant, and Mike Lamond (Husky Starcraft) play the outstanding Fantasy Flight game Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game.

The chemistry is cooking as the group pairs off in teams, with husband and wife Seth and Clare representing the Rebel Alliance and Wil and Husky turning to the dark side of The Force. The group plays a shuttle escort mission, and combat is exciting, as anyone who has played the game knows it can be. Star Wars trivia and jokes abound as Wil and Seth go back & forth, making for a very entertaining journey. Speaking of trivia, the models of Slave I and the Millennium Falcon were both one of just three production proofs of each model when this episode was shot back in January. TableTop was able to procure the rare ships because of the popularity of the show.

In non-video related news, TableTop and Geek & Sundry will be all about cardboard when Gen Con begins in Indianapolis next week. There will be opportunities to play games with the games’ creators, a panel on Sunday afternoon, and even the chance to play with Wil himself. If you’re headed to the Hoosier state, be sure to check it out.

Looking forward, TableTop will return in two weeks, on August 22, with Lords of Waterdeep. In the meantime, watch this week’s video to see if Luke and Han have what it takes to top Boba and generic TIE Fighter pilot in this week’s episode.


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