Random Geek Roundup #9

Image: Brian D. Fox, as found on http://flavorwire.com/392824/surprising-early-alternate-versions-of-iconic-movie-posters/view-all
Poster for the Michael Keaton Batman movie. Image: Brian D. Fox, as found on http://flavorwire.com/392824/surprising-early-alternate-versions-of-iconic-movie-posters/view-all

Welcome to the ninth irregular installment of Random Geek Roundup! This is where I collect a variety of links and sites and products that have come across my virtual desk in recent days. Just because you’ve discovered a specific interesting tidbit doesn’t mean that everyone has. So in the spirit of sharing awesome, here is the next collection of links.

What’s it Like to Be Unable to Recognize Faces?
Some of us seem to have minor difficulties remembering people from just their faces, especially when you later encounter that person out of context. But imagine to not be able to recognize anyone’s face, including your own?

What Did Alexander Graham Bell’s Voice Sound Like?
From a recording at the Smithsonian Institution, researchers have been able to pull off the recorded voice of Alexander Graham Bell. What does his voice sound like? He traveled around quite a bit, so what part of the English speaking world does he take after? Listen for yourself at the link.

Nikola Tesla’s Predictions for the 21st Century
How did Nikola Tesla imagine the future? What challenges and successes did he anticipate? Read what he thought about robots, energy, newspapers, and more.

Home Values for Houses Dating From the Original 13 Colonies
What would a house go for, today, that was built during the time of the original 13 Colonies? We don’t have to guess, because there are some still in use and for sale. Zillow has put together a list of 13 homes dating from the colonial days. Some are actually reasonable in cost. Some are out of the average person’s price range. They are all nice to look at, though.

Early Versions of Classic Movie Posters
Imagine if the classic movie posters that we have come to know looked very different. Here are some interesting alternate possibilities from movies such as A Clockwork Orange and Michael Keaton’s Batman.

Trees Make Noise When They Are Thirsty
Trees make a detectable noise when they don’t have enough to drink, which is allowing scientists to learn better how to take care of and save trees in need.

New Largest Prime Number Found
This news is a few months old, but it was new to me. Mathematicians have discovered a new largest prime number, which has over 17 million digits. While there exist an infinite number of prime numbers, it’s hard to figure them out on paper when we’re talking about numbers this big, so the discovery of a new one is notable.

That’s it for this installment of Random Geek Roundup. You can also go back and look at the links from previous Random Geek Roundups for more interesting news and websites!

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