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GeekDad Puzzle of the Week Solution – Meaning of Life Word Grid

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This week’s puzzle as posted earlier:

Adams Google Doodle
Google Doodle celebrating Douglas Adams’ birthday in March 2013

Every well-read geek knows the meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything. In fact, later this year, I’ll encounter it on my birthday, being born in 1971. The meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything?


Just recently, on my social media “wall,” it was pointed out to me that MATH was indeed the true meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything. If we translate its letters into their ordinal position within the alphabet (i.e., A=1, B=2, C=3, … Z=26), we get M=13 + A=1 + T=20 + H=8, and 13 + 1 + 20 + 8 = 42.

Clearly, this couldn’t be the only such word that sums to 42… could it?

This week’s puzzle is based around the set of words that all sum to that universal total. Below is a word grid, and instead of providing the words themselves to fit into the grid, I have provided clues to find them. The unifying factor between them is, well, the unifying factor of Life, the Universe, and Everything: their letters sum to 42.


2 Letters
3 Letters
.rw2 format
1/80 Burmese kyat
aggressive dog
file transfer protocol
Roswell, NM
4 Letters
1 nodus + 1 nodus
all but one prime
Cera in Superbad
Egyptian cat goddess
Ichthyology subject
Loxley alternate
Mr. Auberjonois
Perfect cube
Roman satyr
ruled combat
Ruler of Asgard
soft rime (frost)
stately dance (HI)
Romanian circle dance
third prime
5 Letters
1/2 of English spywork
air valve in carburetor
don’t forget this!
Greek d
Kermit’s stringed instrument
love or radio
Macedonic money
Ralph of consumer rights
Scale-y constellation
the gripes (baby)
uncanny or macabre
distributed cards
Larix conifers
6 Letters
Catholic clergyman
Cornell city
degrade or debase
other 1/2 of English spywork
tiny stone
7 Letters
C2, i.e., CaC2
prattle or chatter
8 Letters
debt evader
resoluteness by virtue

Congratulations to Andy Arizpe for submitting a correct solution for the puzzle, and having it drawn at random out of all correct answers submitted.

The completed puzzle, with solved clues (each of which sum to 42!) appears below:

2 Letters
1080p – TV
prescription – RX
3 Letters
!(old) – new
.rw2 format – raw
1/80 Burmese kyat – pya
1/cosecant – sin
aggressive dog – cur
file transfer protocol – FTP
Roswell, NM – UFO
4 Letters
1 nodus + 1 nodus – nodi
all but one prime – odds
Cera in Superbad – Evan
Egyptian cat goddess – Bast
Ichthyology subject – fish
Loxley alternate – hood
Mr. Auberjonois – Rene
Perfect cube – nine
Roman satyr – faun
ruled combat – duel
Ruler of Asgard – Odin
soft rime (frost) – hoar
stately dance (HI) – hula
Romanian circle dance – hora
third prime – five
5 Letters
1/2 of English spywork – cloak
air valve in carburetor – choke
don’t forget this! – Alamo
Greek d – delta
Kermit’s stringed instrument – banjo
love or radio – shack
Macedonic money – denar
Ralph of consumer rights – Nader
Scale-y constellation – libra
the gripes (baby) – colic
uncanny or macabre – eerie
distributed cards – dealt
Larix conifers – larch
6 Letters
Catholic clergyman – deacon
Cornell city – Ithaca
degrade or debase – demean
Hydrocharitaceae – elodea
other 1/2 of English spywork – dagger
tiny stone – pebble
7 Letters
C2, i.e., CaC2 – carbide
prattle or chatter – blabber
Muammar – Qaddafi
8 Letters
debt evader – deadbeat
equilibrium – balanced
resoluteness by virtue – adamance

Thanks for puzzling with GeekDad!

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