Take Siri Hands-Free With a Mobile Home


Do you have a newer car that has the hands-free system that will let you use your iPhone? It is pretty sweet, right? My wife’s new Sienna has this type of system and it is great for the person on the go. The only problem is that phones have advanced so much that auto manufacturers can’t keep up with the technology: hands-free systems can only let you talk on the phone and in some cases play music.

mobile-home-box-and-unitThat is why I was amazed by the Mobile Home device. This little gadget, about the size of a garage door opener, allows you to use all of the features of your iPhone through the car’s hands free system. Siri can be your co-pilot without the distractions. It is so much more than just adding Siri though: Beanco’s Mobile Home lets you compose and send texts, use Facebook, search iTunes, and use the mapping features from your phone.

I will admit: when I first received a unit to test out, I did not think that I would have much use for it – especially since it’s my wife’s vehicle with the built-in hands-free system. However, now that she has started using it, she is hooked. We find that we use Siri much more than we ever did, even outside the van; also, since she is such a music lover, it helps her control iTunes without having to create a playlist.

If you already have a built-in hands-free system and an iPhone, I would definitely recommend a Mobile Home.

Requirements: Apple iPhone or iPod touch with Siri or Voice Control Factory or 3rd party Bluetooth Hands-Free System/Device.  Check out: www.drivewithsiri.com for more info.

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