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Game Truck partyDo you like the video games? Of course you do! How do you feel about winning a video game party for your kid(s)?

Seriously, that is going to happen, and it could happen to you. One lucky GeekDad reader is going to win a party from GameTruck Party, and their world will be rocked accordingly. The kids will be ecstatic.

GameTruck is the complete video game party delivered right to the doorstep of your choice. Each truck has a video game theater that is equipped with HDTVs and an impressive selection of games for Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3. They even supply a GameCoach to manage the party so you can relax. All they need is a place to park and people to play. You can handle that part, right?

Game Truck partyHow to enter:

  • Prize: One (1) GameTruck party. GameTruck party must be booked for a weekday. Winner needs to be within a designated GameTruck franchise service area. If winner is outside the area GameTruck will make their best effort to get the winner a party, but if it cannot reasonably be accommodated participant may either share the prize with someone that is within a service area or be compensated with a cash prize of $200. GameTruck party must be redeemed by Dec 31, 2013. Retail value $300-$400.
  • To enter, leave a comment below telling us about your favorite gamer party experience! Keep it clean. Please include a valid email in the space provided.
  • Only one (1) entry per person is allowed. Only residents of the U.S. that are 18 and older with a valid address are eligible to enter.
  • The awarding of the Giveaway prize is the responsibility of GameTruck and not GeekDad.The winner will be contacted by the author of this post (Whit Honea).
  • This Giveaway entry period starts today, Tuesday, June 4, 2013, at the time of this posting, and ends on Friday, June 7, 2013 at 11:59:59 PM PST.
  • One (1) potential winner will be picked in a random drawing on or about Saturday, June 8, and notice will be sent to that person via the email address they have provided. If you are a potential winner but fail to claim your prize within three (3) days of us sending you notice or are otherwise in non-compliance with the Giveaway rules, then we will choose an alternate winner.
  • We will announce the winner in an updated version of this post once confirmation of prize acceptance is verified.
  • No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Odds will depend on the number of eligible entries.

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51 thoughts on “Win a GameTruck Experience!

    1. I love the gametruck experience because it is ideal for my son and his friends! My son has attended gametruck parties before but this particular company does the best job and has the nicest truck we’ve seen. I’d love to win so I could surprise my son with a gametruck party of his own ;0)
      Nicole @

    2. I have not personally been to a gamer party but my son has been to 2 of them he is a video game junkie I did not stop hearing about those parties for at least a week after the parties !!

    3. It will be my sons jeremiahs 10th birthday i saw your truck in riverside on van buren st and he would just simply be blown away if he could have a gametruck experience party with all his family and friends help me make his dream birthday party happen !!!

  1. Spent a whole night playing Super Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat. With all that button mashing, I have no idea how the controllers worked after.

  2. When I was a kid, my parents used to spring for birthday parties at Aladdin’s Castle. 2 hours of unlimited tokes on a Saturday morning with 10 friends, man those were the days.

  3. I went to a few birthday parties when I was a kid where there were arcades (bowling alleys, Chuck E cheese, etc). But I’ve never been to or had a gamer themed party. This would be a first. Sure sounds like a heck of a lot of fun. We’re a family of gamers and my kids especially would love this.

  4. I’ve never been to a gamer party, but I know my sons would be thrilled beyond belief if they were invited to one!

  5. Gamer party for me would have to be playing Call of Duty with all my friends around the country. We know each other in person but we moved so Call of Duty nights are the night we ”party” together and we do it right 😉

  6. I was invited to a Halo party by a co-worker, but unfortunately I was the only person there who had never played before. I certainly made the game enjoyable for the veterans as I was such an easy mark. I also was the only one who like to play with a reversed controller (ie pushing up on the direction pad panned the camera down.) There were some frustrated gamers when they got my controller by mistake. I never lasted long in any battle but I enjoyed watching the hardcore gamers play.

  7. Never had a video game party… but growing up, my friends and I would start playing the board game, RISK, on Friday after school and there would be times where we played all weekend. We would have so much fun playing that game. Good times, good times!

  8. Echoing justinwoulard. No gamer party experiences for me, but no reason why my kids should have the same fate. Bring on the game truck!

  9. This will date me: My cousins and would spend days playing “Rivers of Light,” an Electronic Arts game for the Commodore 64. We would also destroy joysticks playing the Olympic-themed games for the C64: Winter Games, Summer Games, World Games. Was it a gamer party? It was the closest thing we had to one. Somehow we managed to find time to go outside and ride bikes.

  10. Haven’t really been to a gamer party but I mentor a neighbor boy and he and I played video games together most of one day. Everything from Rockband to Burnout.

  11. This will be our first gamer party! We will use our best party ideas to pull the game theme all the way through the party from playstation punch to halo hot dogs!

  12. I took my son to a friend’s birthday party game truck and they all played Minecraft for 2 hrs. couldn’t get them out of there! we had a blast!

  13. I think one of the best parts of our game truck party was the look of anticipation, joy and excitement in all of the little boys (party guests) eyes as they lined up to enter the game truck!

  14. We set up video game systems in every room of our 3 bedroom/1 loft apartment back in college – N64 in one room, Playstation in another, GameCube in a third, and maybe a Dreamcast in the loft. People mingled from room to room challenging each other to games. It didn’t hurt that the “adult” beverages were flowing freely. Great time to be sure.

  15. We just booked our first party with Game Truck. We’re looking forward to it as are all the kids my son invited. Can’t wait, and hopefully when we win this – we’ll have a 2nd party!

  16. This would be so awesome to share with my 6 year old “Gamer” Dude. We love playing Super Mario Bros. on my NES and Forza Motorsports. It would be EPIC!

  17. We usually just play Just Dance and Mario Kart on the Wii but I know for sure my Girls would love this:)

  18. planning my son’s game truck party now! Only a few weeks away and his friends are going to FLIP OUT! The best part of a game truck party is that 16 nine year olds can all play at once…no more waiting turns to battle each other. This party is going to be EPIC!

  19. I’m not a gamer, but my kids sure love video games. We booked a Game Truck party for our son’s 10th birthday – BEST PARTY EVER! 15 boys had the time of their lives, a birthday to remember and the easiest party I’ve ever done as a mom. Can’t say enough great things about our Game Truck experience. Would love to have another one – the boys would go nuts!

  20. My son would love the game truck for his birthday party! What better way for all his friends to play together! What a great idea for the truck.ingenious mind!

  21. I have two teen age boys so the gamer parties have been in my house. A Women Only Game Truck Party would be divine!

  22. We had a Game Truck party for my 12 year old son’s 9th birthday. Just the other day he said he wanted to have a Game Truck this summer. I would be the coolest Mom in town if I surprised him with one!

  23. My favorite experience would have to be when all 4 of my sisters and brother got surpised with a brand new Nintendo when I was 6. We are a family of 7 and I remember us all working together until the next morning tring to rescue the Princess, who was ALWAYS any another CASTLE! AWWWW sooo much fun!

  24. I’m a mother of five and never been on a game truck but I’ve heard of them my kids would love to have one say the house i would probably love it 2 cuz i love games it would probably be a great experience for all off us.. I would be the coolest mom ever lol

  25. When I was a kid, our gamer parties consisted of playing monopoly all afternoon on a rainy day!


  27. My youngest son had a video game truck party in May for his birthday. ALL the kids LOVED it! Would love to win for the neighborhood kids!

  28. Had a game truck party for one of my 3 kids….. attained “Coolest Mom on the Block” status. Trouble is…. I have 2 more kids who are feeling a little left out. This would be an awesome win for them and I’d get to keep my Coolest Mom title. It’s a win/win, really.

  29. I’ve never attended a gamer truck party, but I would imagine this to be one of the greatest ideas for a kids party! My kids would absolutely love this for their next birthday. I just hope to win, so I can start planning the next one!

  30. I suprised my husband with a gametruck party. Adults love these too! I’d love to win this to have a party for my son.

  31. What would be more fun for my son than having his own mancave with his friends to play awesome video games? Would love to make his birthday special with this experience!

  32. my sons didn’t have a birthday party this year but they would love to have that game truck as a late birthday party they love to play games all day and are great at it…

  33. my son was invited to a game truck party and it was pretty impressive. the truck/trailer didn’t take up much space, the inside was clean, cool, and organized, and they provided an attendant to handle the kids/games while there. my son was obviously hooked, but i even think it could be a nice rental for an adult party (pre super bowl madden tournament?). i’ve booked our local game truck for my son’s b’day this month, and am even considering applying for a franchise.

  34. My son can’t get enough screen time with controls in his hands. He’s always looking for a new game. What better way to allow he and his friends to check out multiple systems and games. This would be an AWESOME party that would keep the boys happy!

  35. My son loved the party because he could try out new games, and play with his friends, and it was cool and air conditioned inside. He is begging for a party of his own.

  36. My son would love to have a game party. He’s been to one and had a blast!!!!

  37. We live in a small town and I don’t think we have ever seen or been to a Game Truck party around here. I am planning my son’s bday party soon and his dad & him love video games. What guy doesn’t? I think this would be the best party ever my son would have and I think it will be the talk for all the kids in the neighborhood!

  38. I have been a gamer since video games have started in the 80’s. i now have a son who will be 15 soon and he is one of the biggest gamers ever. We have not been to one of the Game Truck parties yet but that would be the best birthday gift he could receive. I know that him and all his friends would talk about it over and over again. and then they would want one.

  39. My son is an avid gamer at the young age of 11. He is so smooth with his skills that he chose to take a class two years ago to learn how to make animated programs as a hobby. He masters all of the new games that come out and he tries to draw and animate them. He is a true gamer. He duals gaming with his academic skills. His knowledge is unbelievable. His birthday is in December and he couldn’t receive a better birthday gift than a Game Truck Party.

  40. When I got a Wii for skylanders I was so happy and I want to win the party bus because I heard that swap force is here so I want to win

  41. The kids have gamer parties in my living room all the time. Its great but they leave the house a mess! It would be awesome to win this experience..,.they could still enjoy themselves, and so could I!


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  44. I’ve never been to a gamer party, but I’m sure they are a blast. My 4 boys would love to invite their friends to enjoy a GameTruck Party. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway.

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