Kickstarter Alert: Scanning Scuptural Masterpieces for 3D Printers

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Cosmo Wenman has a dream of freeing the world’s 3D art. For the past year, he’s been scanning sculpture and sharing his files online so others can make 3D prints of the world’s great sculptures. Now, he wants to go big.

Through a Kickstarter campaign he’s calling “Through a Scanner, Skulpturhalle“, Wenman wants to expand his work in The Skulpturhalle Basel in Switzerland. The museum has a collection of more than 2,000 plaster casts of significant Greek and Roman sculptures and Wenman wants to capture them all and share them online at Thingiverse(see some existing examples of his work at that link).

But he can’t do it without your support, so head over there and back “Through a Scanner, Skulpturhalle” today — there’s only 10 days left in the campaign!



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