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Jake Parker is the creator of Missile Mouse, an action-packed comic book series for kids, and last year he successfully Kickstarted a comics anthology titled Antler Boy and Other Stories. It did extremely well, reaching $85k, well past his initial goal of $6,000. I backed it myself, and the hardcover book is quite beautiful.

This year, Parker is back with a printed collection of drawings hand-picked from his sketchbooks. It’s called, appropriately, Drawings and you can get a copy for as little as $25 (or $10 for the digital download). There are also options for getting digital downloads of his previous sketchbook collections, plus some exclusive prints. Unfortunately, all of the custom ink drawing levels are sold out.

Tiger Robots by Jake Parker

I backed Drawings as soon as I heard about it because I love Parker’s style. Plus, having gotten books of concept art and sketchbook art by other artists, I’ve found that I really love this window into the creative process. What really made me want to share this with GeekDad readers, though, was Update #8 posted on Thursday.

Parker shared that his four-year-old son was playing with LEGO and talking about “Fire Tiger Robot.” Upon further investigation, Parker found that there was a whole line of them: Freeze Tiger Robot, Rock Tiger Robot, and Laser Tiger Robot. So of course, being an awesome dad, he illustrated them, based on direction from his son. (Flower Tiger Robot was added in for the little sister.)

He’s already getting suggestions in the comments to Kickstart Tiger Robots in a kid-written, adult-drawn comic book. Hey, it worked for Axe Cop, right?

Anyway, there are just a few days left to back Drawings, so check out the Kickstarter page and skim through the updates to get an idea of what’s inside! The book is already fully funded, plus it hit a couple stretch goals to add more pages, so it’s a pretty good deal.

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