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Disney Story App Puts Storytelling at Your Fingertips

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Disney Story At the core of it all Disney is built on storytelling. It sounds pretty simple when you put it like that—nobody said magic had to be difficult. And aren’t we all storytellers in one way or another? I like to think so.

That is the basis of the new Disney Story app. It gives users an opportunity to combine photos, video, and text in a nice, clean theme (Disney theme optional) and share it with the audience of their choice.

Today, you are my audience. Tip your server.

The embedded Story above is a quick demo I just made on my iPhone (took about five minutes using photos and video already in my camera roll) to show you how easy and fun it is.

Granted, I would like to see more options in font types and color, as well as the number of videos and photos that each Story can use, but I am fairly confident that Disney will update the app as additional functions become available. That’s the iTunes way!

As an added bonus the kids absolutely love the Disney Story app and they have used it to share their own stories. In our home we consider it a real bonus anytime the kids have an opportunity to use imagination and creativity with their handheld technology. Am I right?

It turns out that storytelling is innate, and that’s pretty magical, too.

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