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This week, the GeekMoms were watching record-breaking videos, gaming videos and more. To save you from losing time searching for the geeky videos from this week, these videos and several others (along with the playlist from last week) can be found on the GeekMom YouTube channel. Here are a couple of the featured videos from the playlist.

Kay pointed out this video which holds the Guinness World Records™ record for smallest movie. The pixels are individual atoms. The video annotation includes a link to an explanation of how it was made.

As Cathe is getting ready for a large Warhammer tournament in June, she is catching up on rules for the different armies. One YouTube channel that offers a woman’s perspective is Warhammer Joey. Her most recent video talks about High Elves magic lore in the tabletop war-game.

King of Tokyo is a Tabletop game which has become popular enough in gaming circles that Wil Wheaton played it this week on TableTop. Wil Wheaton pretends to be Gigazaur and stomp on other monsters…yes please.

The GeekMom YouTube playlist for this week can be found on the GeekMom YouTube playlist page. If you are looking for more “GeekMom Game of Thrones Season 3 Tea Party,” there is now a playlist for all of those Hangouts too! If you are looking for something on YouTube, and want to see more in our playlists, let us know in the comments below.

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