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Ballads, brains, board games, and booze are on the menu this week on our weekly video playlist. As usual, the weekly playlist is brought to you in feature-film length as a gift to you for weekend viewing. Here is a sampling of videos from this week’s playlist.

A Halo medley on violin and piano was somehow not what I was expecting when I found this video, but the production value and musicianship are both excellent.

It’s no secret that I regularly view the VlogBrothers videos when they are uploaded. This week on Crash Course, John Green talks about women in the 19th century. In typical Green fashion, it is educational and entertaining.

If you are a board game geek like me, you may end up with a shopping list of game expansions to purchase after watching The Dice Tower share their list of ten essential expansions.

Beer is a big deal here in the northwest. Micro-brews and home brewing are very common. Off Tap Brewing brings us a new video sharing the basics of how to start your own brewing.

These videos and more can be found on this week’s playlist. Even though there was no new Game of Thrones this week, you can take an opportunity to catch up on the GeekMom Game of Thrones Season 3 Tea Party playlist.

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  1. I have to say, the production value of her videos and her musical talent make for quite the show. The locations are definitely amazing too.

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