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Back in the old “Wired” days, we had an auxiliary community site with forums and project areas. But we had to leave it behind (cue sad music). However, we knew we needed to serve this vital need of geeky parent to congregate and exchange ideas somehow. Which has led us to create the all-new GeekDad Forums!

We have two forums set up for now. A Projects Forum, where people are welcome to share the cool, geeky projects they’re doing with theirs kids (or on their own), and a Discussion Forum, for general geeky chatter, maybe some games, and who knows what else?

If you were a member of the old Community, please feel free to bring stuff you posted over there with you and post it here. If you’re new to the place, jump right in. We’re lucky to have Mr. Randy Slavey acting as Moderator in the forums, so if you have any questions, you can ask him there.

Bottom line: keep it clean (we want our kids to be able to check things out there), but have fun, and enjoy!

(Note: you’ll have to sign up for a WordPress site account to access the forums, but remember that the pain of it makes sure we see a minimum of spam.)

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