Free Comic Book Day 2013: Tomorrow!

Comic Books

Don’t forget that tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day! Take a moment if you can and snag a few free comics. We’re going to try to make the trek in to Lone Star Comics in Mesquite, Texas tomorrow but if we run short on time or wake up too late we’ll hit the local Hastings book store.

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4 thoughts on “Free Comic Book Day 2013: Tomorrow!

  1. Last year my family and I hit four comic book shops in Salt Lake City. We had a blast seeing all the different people in superhero costumes. Getting free comics for the kids was great as well.

    1. We hit one good comic book store and a local book store. Had a blast, and now we’re relaxing around the livingroom reading comics. Best holiday ever.

    2. Your in SLC? We just moved here this summer. Last year was our first FCBD. We planned on hitting 2 stores in the area this year but the first one we went to let each person take 5 books so we walked out with 20, and figured we didn’t need to go to another because we got all the ones we wanted.

      1. Did you go to Hastur on State? They were giving away five. I personally like that store and Dr. Volts the best.

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