Celebrate Atari Breakout’s Anniversary with Today’s Google Doodle

Screen Capture: Patricia Vollmer
Screen Capture: Patricia Vollmer

It’s not where you think it might be. Search in the standard Web Search and it’ll be a list of posts (such as this one) about the Google Doodle. Instead, select the “Images tab in the upper left“, input “atari breakout” and wait a second. Don’t forget to turn up the volume!

Hint: Keep your mouse pointer inside the area, the paddle will stop responding if you drift outside the black area.

Happy 37th anniversary to the Breakout video game. I fondly remember this game on my family’s Atari 2600. And who remembers Super Breakout? It was the highlight of my day when I could get the little ball to stay up on the top space, where it could easily rack up the points!

What’s your high score? I’ve gotten 517 so far…

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