Kickstarter Alert: Robotech RPG Tactics Miniature Game by Palladium Books

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The young adolescent child in me that first started playing the Robotech RPG in junior high school back in 1989 saw this Kickstarter and instantly was sucked into the wormhole that led to memory lane. I vividly remember coming home from school to watch the latest Harmony Gold installment of the Robotech TV series. I filled so many long car rides by devouring the Robotech novels and spending nearly every weekend blowing up Invid and Zentraedi invaders with my friends. We used the Palladium RPG in which my character was the pilot of a large transforming battle robot that could turn into a fighter jet with the press of a button. The memories of these games still brings a smile to my lips.

The folks at Palladium Books are taking the Robotech RPG and are expanding into a line of 3D plastic miniatures by promoting it on Kickstarter. The game is called Robotech RPG Tactics and will include a standalone set of rules for fast-paced miniatures combat. This reminds me of a similar product line that was released for Star Wars Miniatures (Wizards of the Coast) and the Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures game. These miniatures were sold as either a standalone skirmish game or really great role-playing aids for your tabletop RPG campaign. The new Robotech RPG Tactics game is sounding to be no different in this regard. I’m incredibly interested in getting some more information on the proposed rules for the standalone miniatures game – only time will tell. Since the Kickstarter has already exceeded it’s initial funding goal of $70,000 USD it will be fun to watch what kind of stretch goals they dream up.

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