Procrastination Destination

Image By Rebecca Angel
Image By Rebecca Angel

Housework would never get done if it weren’t for procrastination. It’s amazing how important the organization of the spice cabinet is when I have a writing deadline. But the internet gives me so many, many ways to distract myself from the task at hand. YouTube, of course, is a favorite land of Time Suck. Check out my previous post for some great channels.

GoodReads feels like I’m doing something important because it’s all about books, and reading makes you smart! Except I’m not reading them while I’m on the site, I’m reading reviews, and commenting, and re-starring books because how could I have given this book five stars when that other book that’s so way better is only four stars?

DeviantArt is a wonderful way to forget why I even turned on the computer in the first place. I get lost there. When my eyes start to droop, but I haven’t finished my work, I spend the last half hour of my day typing DeviantArt search words like: “tired,” “sunset,” “asleep,” “wolverine in bed,” to inspire my dreams.

I asked the kids around me right now what the most effective form of distraction there is, for their favorite sites on the internet. My 14-year-old son pointed me to his Magic card buying place. Yeah, I’ve seen this one a lot. Usually with chatter like, “How can this card exist? It’s so powerful!”

My six-year-old niece told me she loves the jazz history site on PBS. Not sure that’s procrastination since she’s learning the history of jazz in my kids’ choir, but then again, at six years old, play and work aren’t that much different (at least for this homeschooled six year old).

You know what’s great? Doing the research for this post. Lots of work, yup, yup. And I didn’t procrastinate about it. Yeah, I did this instead of starting dinner on time.

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2 thoughts on “Procrastination Destination

  1. Pinterest is how I do it. Just can’t. get. enough. Right now, I’m 37.5 weeks pregnant and still have a buttload of a to-do list to get ready, but what did I spend my morning on? Pinning, pinning, pinning. Yay!

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