International Space Apps Challenge 2013

Join the International Space Apps Challenge This Weekend, Possibly Save the World

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International Space Apps Challenge 2013The International Space Apps Challenge is a two-day technology development event collectively presented by NASA in collaboration with 100 partner organizations including the European Space Agency, TechShop, Raspberry Pi, and the National Science Foundation. Participants will work together, hackathon style, in a 48-hour sprint to solve challenges relevant to improving life on Earth–and in space.

Are you ready to save the world?

Participation is open to anyone–literally. If you are a code monkey, hardware ninja, wordsmith or can whip up a tasty batch of bacon, this is the event for you! The 50 challenges for 2013 are grouped into the broad categories of:

  • open source software
  • open hardware
  • citizen science platforms
  • data visualization

Challenges include everything from detecting near earth objects to creating a poultry management system for backyard farmers. Last year some innovative work included a translation program to turn VICAR imaging data into user-friendly PNG images and a 16-year-old that created an innovative way to create fresh bread in space.

Although most of the spots at the city-based Challenge locations have been filled (you missed the chance to participate from the space station!), anyone can participate via the virtual location and in the online SpaceApps hangouts.

Grab your cape (if you so choose) and sign up at: International Space Apps Challenge.

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