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GeekDad ‘Show and Tell’ Meetup

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GeekDad Show And Tell poster
GeekDad Show And Tell poster

Some people might say that “we” spend too much time in front of our computers these days. Some people think “we” are lacking in real people skills because we spend too much time playing with our smartphones. Well, here at GeekDad want to do our part to help the situation. We want dads from across the globe to arrange their very own ‘show and tell’ meet-ups, large or small – it’s up to you. The idea is simple: you find a location, you put a few posters up (we can even help with the artwork), and then you meet like-minded dads (and of course, Moms, Uncles, Aunts and Grandparents too) in your local area to chew the bacon, drink some caffeinated beverages, and check out the latest gadgets, games and toys with your kids. Maybe even arrange day trips to museums and exhibitions with your new friends?

GeekDad reader Lee Probert has broken the ice and is setting up the first Show and Tell in the UK. He’s started a group on Facebook – please head over to the page, and give it a like. It will soon be updated with news about a regular Saturday morning parenting group in Paddock Wood, near Tunbridge Wells – there’s some exciting events lined up throughout the summer, so don’t miss out.

Says Lee…

We’ll be encouraging dads and their kids to meet in a relaxed, friendly environment; meet other dads; get out of the house, and discover something new. We are looking for dads (with their kids) to contribute by presenting their favourite toys, electronics, robotics, board games, books, and anything else that interest them. We’ll be arranging trips out, BBQs, workshops, and other activities throughout the summer; so please visit the Facebook page and get involved.

Currently, this new page is focused on the meetup happening in Kent; but if enough people register their interest (and we can entice some of you to play an admin role), we may be able to use the page as a vehicle for other show and tell events all over the world!

So here’s to the great outdoors, and meeting up in the real world – and we look forward to seeing lots of you very soon.

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