Fully Dressed Redesigns of Superheroines

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Supergirl … with more proper attire (by Michael Lee Lunsford)

Michael Lee Lunsford, creator of webcomic Supernormal Step, has completed a series of artistic redesigns of comic book heroines, depicting them in fuller attire than they are accustomed in print. Included with the re-imagined wardrobe are Zantana, Black Canary, Electra, Power Girl, Wonder Woman and Supergirl.

As Lunsford writes, this was not a moral stance but “an exercise in character design, attempting to clothe the heroines nearly all the way and not making them painted-on, while still keeping the look of their original costumes in some way.”

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2 thoughts on “Fully Dressed Redesigns of Superheroines

  1. Some of them work really well – love Zatanna – but others look excessively bulky. Is that Power Girl’s winter costume? She seems to be wearing a couple of layers under there. The skirt-over-trousers thing is a bit unnecessary. Why not make the Wonder Woman’s trousers star-spangled rather than try to do both?

  2. Yeah, there were some that worked better than others (and some, like Elektra and Psylocke, that I actually think are far superior to the “real” ones), but overall I love these. I definitely wouldn’t consider myself prudish, but I’m much more cognizant of the imagery now that I have daughters than I was when I was just a teen ready comics.

    Plus, come on… like you can fight crime in stiff, thigh-high, high-heeled boots.

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