Energizer has Some Bright Ideas With Light Fusion Technology Lights

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energizerJust in time for camping season, Energizer is releasing a new line of flashlights in a series they call Light Fusion Technology. Thanks to a patent-pending laser etching process, the flashlights are able to distribute a more uniform area light to fill your campsite, tent, or that dark corner where the closet monster sometimes lurks.

There are four lights in the line, three lights that put out 150 lumens and one more that delivers 300 lumens of bright light. Two are lanterns and two include both directional and area lights. Each flashlight also includes a switch that allows you to dim the output and preserve battery life. All lights are water resistant and boast up to 100 hours of run time, enough for a couple weeks of summer camp, with power left over.

I tried the LED 2-in-1 Light on a couple weekends of early spring camping. I really liked the options on the light, reading a book in my tent with the even area light, and using the directional light to find my way down the path in the dark. Its small, thin shape packed easily in my bag and slid comfortably in my pocket when not in use. My only complaint is that I wish the hanging hook had more space for a carabiner to easily clip on to tent loops, however, this is easily remedied by adding a small length of rope.

If the other lights are anything like the one I tried, then these are solid additions to your camping gear or home preparedness kit. The Energizer Light Fusion Technology line ranges in price between $19.99 and 29.99 and can be found at Amazon, Target, and other retailers.

Disclosure: GeekDad received a sample of this product.

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