Doctor Who Giveaway: Time Lord Loot!

Got a case of Doctor Who 50th anniversary fever? Is the only prescription more Doctor?

Maybe we can help.

Courtesy of Broadway Paperbacks, GeekDad is giving away a set of three newly-released Doctor Who tie-in novels: (Click on any title to read a publisher-provided online excerpt.)

Doctor Who: Plague of the Cybermen, by Justin Richards

Doctor Who: The Dalek Generation, by Nicholas Briggs (Yes, that Nicholas Briggs – voice of the Daleks himself.)

and Doctor Who: Shroud of Sorrow, by Tommy Donbavand

These Eleventh Doctor stories accompany the current seventh season adventures, but a fourth book, Doctor Who: Harvest of Time, will feature the Third Doctor, and is set for a June 2 release.

And just in case those stories aren’t cure enough, take two Doctor Who Christmas Specials and call us in the morning: The prize package also includes Blu-ray editions of Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol and Doctor Who: The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe. (Hey – when you’ve got a TARDIS, Christmas comes whenever the heck you feel like it.)

The contest is open to U.S. Residents only, and you need to enter by 9 p.m. Eastern time April 19.

Link to the form if you can’t see it.

Writer John Booth lives in northeast Ohio with his wife and daughter. He is the author of the book "Collect All 21! Memoirs of a Star Wars Geek – The First 30 Years."