Do You Write in the Margins?

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“Eumenides with an inscribed calendar.” Photo by Flickr user

Two years ago I set myself a New Year’s resolution to write in the margins of my books. At least a little. Well, a year later I admitted that it didn’t go so well. Part of me doesn’t remember to write in books, and part of me just resists doing anything that feels like “defacing” a book. On the other hand, I do think it’s cool to come across marginalia in used books, to see what other people have written or highlighted or found interesting.

Dr. Melanie Ramdarshan Bold from Loughborough University is currently running a survey about marginalia, asking questions about your reading habits (digital or paper? work or pleasure?) and your attitudes about writing in books (or “writing” in ebooks). Whether your books are all pristine or you dogear your pages (shudder), go take a few minutes to fill out the survey!

Click here for a brief explanation and a link to the survey.

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