Awesome Broken AirHog Hack Transforms a Dead Toy Into Family Fun

Geek Culture

The Tindell AirHack 1000

Super geeky dad Jonathan Tindell sends along this story of building something new and fun out of something broken:

We love anything Air Hog here in my house. We have dozens of helicopters and helicopters from them.

Any way, we have an air engine airplane that was a favorite of my youngest daughter. It got damaged to point where I couldn’t repair the HDPE body. Luckily, the engine and air reservoir were intact.
Well, my daughter came up with an idea to turn it into a rocket. We cobbled together some some old wings and horizontal stabilizers into tail fins that we attached to the bottom of the air reservoir. They also make a great launch pad.

We found out that the engine doesn’t have enough power to do more than hover a few inches off the ground. But if you pick it up and toss it…. Well, a six year old can throw it about 50 feet!

We had fun making it and my daughter is learning that making things can be as exciting as playing with a new toy out if the box?

We couldn’t agree more, Jonathan! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Happy flying!

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