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There are two sorts of geeky fonts. First there are the ones that appeal to typography nerds because of their creator, history, mathematical beauty or whatnot.

Then there are fonts that appeal to geeks because they play on our geeky nostalgia, reference our hobbies or have a direct pop culture link. These are the ones compiled here.

villagevillageThe #1 Geeky Font has more than just a pop culture link. It was not only part of the logo for one of the greatest geeky shows ever, it was actually part of the show, appearing on signs, maps and everywhere else type was needed. The Village, the seaside resort that was The Prisoner‘s prison, was a place under someone’s totalitarian control. So it made sense that whoever was in charge would control not just information, but even the look of the information (Editor’s Note: wonder if Steve Jobs was a Prisoner fan?).

And here are the rest:


2) Blade Runner — A hideous, futuristic font from a movie set in a hideous, futuristic culture.

3) Mobile Font — We’ll be nostalgic for these one day soon.

4) o4b_21 — Space Invaders, Pac-Man and it’s hard to say what else in a classic 5×5 pixel grid.

5) eDisplayDemo — Almost unreadable, but legibility isn’t everything.

6) Embroidery — Everything looks better as a cross-stitch sampler.

7) SF Comic Script Shaded — A pulpy adventure font gives anything a little extra awesomeness.

8) KCaps — A great gag, but also mighty useful for instruction manuals.

9) ComicFX — The only non-alphabet font to make out list, but there are more to choose from: trains, nerds, cars, logos.

10) tie

PlanetNS — Hard to beat NASA nostalgia…

Crackman — …unless it’s with arcade nostalgia.

Runners up– Transformers, Blade2, Astron Boy Wonder [sic], Dracula, Captain Podd, Coca-Cola ii

Finding these and other fonts: There are countless free fonts out there and many font sites to help you find them.

Our favorite is because it allows you to type in your own sample text and see how it will look before downloading the font. This is quite a fun activity for the Geeklets.

If you find anything that you think belongs on this list, please add it to the comments.

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